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Available Strains

These are the currently available strains. Click on the stock id for more information about any strain, or search the database for specific information. To make ordering easier, you might also want to use this link which will open the order form in another window for easier copy-and-paste of stock ids.

If the use of Tetrahymena cultures obtained from the Stock Center results in a scientific publication, please cite using the Research Resource Identifier (RRID) number of the strain(s) in the following manner: Tetrahymena borealis (TSC_SD01680, 19408-4 Tetrahymena Stock Center) or CU428.2 (TSC_SD00178, Tetrahymena Stock Center). This is our most important way of demonstrating the value of the materials at the Center.

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SD02146 GTU-TAP (4)SD02147 GTU-TAP (5)SD02148 ∆H3 gl 10.6
SD02157 HA2-CDH2-2086SD02158 he∆ SAI3-F2-2-pms-1SD02159 HHT2-S10S28-2(1)
SD02160 HHT2-S10S28-7(5)SD02161 HHT2-S10S28-8(3)SD02162 HHT2-S10S28-8(4)
SD02164 hta1-K123R+htb1-K115R-E1aSD02165 hta1-K123R+htb1-K115R-E4aSD02166 HTA1+HTB1-E1a
SD02167 HTA1+HTB1-E4aSD02168 HTA1wt rescue Double ...SD02169 HTA1wt rescue Double ...
SD02170 HTA1wt rescue Double ...SD02172 ∆PDD2-som-BclSD02176 RPA5-HA-4
SD02177 ∆SAI3 F2-2 RI-15SD02178 ∆SAI3 F2-6 RI-4SD02179 ∆SAI3-1-1
SD02186 SNF2-2ha-B2086SD02187 SNF2-2ha-Cu428SD02188 ∆SNF2-B2086
SD02189 ∆SNF2-CU428SD02191 ∆TWI1-rDNA-FLAG-TWI1-18SD02192 TYA (@ GTU1 locus ) #5
SD02193 TYA (@ GTU1 locus ) #6SD02194 TYAHA@MTT1 locus s.c ...SD02195 TYAHA@MTT1 locus s.c ...
SD02196 V5-PP50 M2-G7SD02197 V5-PP50 M2-H7SD02198 XS 48 (3) [(HTA1 S1P ...
SD02199 XS 48 (4) [(HTA1 S1P ...SD02200 YN-HTAX (1)SD02201 YN-HTAX (3)
SD02202 YN-HTAX (7)SD02203 YN-HTAX (9)SD02210 116HA #3
SD02211 116HA #5SD02212 1235D-2(BTU1)SD02213 3N4B-KO-*
SD02214 3N4B-KO-n*-1SD02215 3N4B-KO-n*-21SD02216 5K (1)
SD02217 5K-GFPSD02218 5Q-GFPSD02219 A-C
SD02220 A-MSD02221 A-NSD02222 A5
SD02223 A5 (a2)SD02224 A5 (c2)SD02225 ATU5A-1
SD02226 ATU5A-2SD02227 ATU5A-7SD02228 ATU5D-1
SD02229 ATU5D-2SD02230 ATUHA-1SD02231 B-A1-V5-PP36
SD02232 B-B3-V5-PP36SD02233 B-D4-V5-PP36SD02234 B-E1-V5-PP36
SD02235 B1-1A7SD02236 BHM-1SD02237 BHM-2
SD02238 BHM-3SD02242 BLT-bBc-17SD02243 BLT-bBc-19
SD02244 BLT-Bbc-HA #10SD02245 BLT-Bbc-HA #3SD02246 BLTGLT1-3
SD02247 BLTGL1-4SD02248 BLTGL1-5SD02249 BLTGL2-5
SD02250 BLTGL5-1SD02251 BLTGL5-2SD02252 BLTGLT1-1
SD02253 BLTGLT1-2SD02254 BLTGLT2-1SD02255 BLTGLT2-2
SD02256 BLTGLT4-1SD02257 BLTGLT4-2SD02258 BLTGLT5-1
SD02259 BLTGLT5-2SD02260 BLT-Bbc-HA #12SD02261 BLT-Bbc-HA #4
SD02262 BLT-Bbc-HA #7SD02263 MN173 IVSD02264 MN173 V
SD02265 MN175 IISD02266 MN175 IVSD02267 BTU1-94c (B6-D)
SD02268 BTU1-94c (F2-B)SD02269 BTU1-94c (G3-B)SD02270 BTU1-94c (H11-C)
SD02271 C-C8-V5-PP36SD02272 C-E12-V5-PP36SD02273 C-F11-V5-PP36
SD02274 C-G8-V5-PP36SD02277 c∆SAI 2 14-4SD02278 c∆SAI 2- 9-1-Mtt-DCL1-1
SD02279 c∆SAI 2- 9-1-Mtt-DCL1-2SD02280 CU428 XS49 (15)SD02281 CU428 XS49 (18)
SD02282 CU428-XS46(11)SD02283 CU428-XS46(2)SD02292 DE-HA #2
SD02293 DE-HA #5SD02294 E-CSD02295 E-M
SD02296 E-NSD02297 E1-1A7 SD02298 E1-5 A10
SD02299 E5 (f2)SD02300 E5-GFPSD02301 E5+GFP
SD02302 g:H3.2+GFP/H3.3-42-2-n*SD02303 g:H3.3+GFP/H3.2-56SD02304 gl∆H3all, M6
SD02306 GTU1/CU522 BTGBHA #3SD02307 GTU1/CU522 T146GHA #8SD02308 GTU11 single cell li ...
SD02309 h∆BRE1(neo2)-A1K1SD02310 H3.2 K27RSD02311 H3.2 K9Q
SD02312 H3.2-Flag-7SD02313 H3.2-Flag-8SD02314 H3.3-Flag-1
SD02320 H4.2 K15RSD02321 ∆H4I, 1SD02322 ∆H4I, 2
SD02326 HA2-Tcd2-B2086SD02327 HA2-Tcd2-Cu428SD02368 CU MTT-2HA-HTAY (27)
SD02373 HHT2S10AS28A-1SD02374 HHT2S10AS28A-2SD02375 HHT2S10AS28A-3
SD02376 HHT2S10AS28A-4SD02377 HHT2S28A-ASD02378 HHT2S28A-B
SD02379 HHT2S28A-CSD02380 HHT2S28A-DSD02381 HTA.Y ∆C1/3
SD02383 ∆HTA1 (8)SD02384 HTA1 S134A rescue ...SD02385 HTA1 S134A rescue ...
SD02387 HTA1-A2aSD02388 HTA1-B1aSD02389 HTA1-B2a
SD02390 HTA1-D13E1SD02391 HTA1-D14G1SD02392 HTA1-D18C1
SD02393 HTA1-D19B1SD02394 HTA1-D1A01SD02395 HTA1-D1M01
SD02396 HTA1-D38B1SD02397 HTA1-D9B6SD02398 hta1-K123R-A1a
SD02399 hta1-K123R-B1aSD02400 hta1-K123R-B2aSD02401 hta1-K123R-B4a
SD02402 hta1-K123R+htz1 K130R-G1bSD02403 hta1-K123R+htz1 K130R-G2bSD02442 SB2120
SD02451 HTA1+HTZ1-G1aSD02452 HTA1+HTZ1-H1aSD02454 HTA3-T100C1
SD02455 HTA3-T36A1SD02456 HTA3-T41B1SD02457 HTA3-T42E1
SD02458 HTA3-T42F1SD02462 HTA3-T83ASD02463 HTA3-T84G
SD02464 HTA3-T89KSD02465 HTA3-T90NSD02466 HTB1-A1a
SD02467 HTB1-A4aSD02468 HTB1-B4aSD02469 htb1-K115R-A2a
SD02470 htb1-K115R-A5aSD02471 htb1-K115R-B2aSD02472 htb1-K115R-B4a
SD02473 K286EHA#3SD02474 K286EHA#7SD02476 K5E5-2
SD02477 K5E5-3SD02478 K5E5-GFPSD02481 MREI-∆BTU2-5
SD02482 MREI-∆BTU2-6SD02483 MREI-∆BTU2-7SD02484 MREI-∆BTU2-8
SD02485 MTT+E5SD02486 Ngo A-N-GFP (D5C)SD02487 NgoA KO hetero B1-1 A7
SD02488 NgoA KO-12SD02489 NgoA KO-15SD02490 NgoA KO-7
SD02491 NgoA KO-9SD02492 NgoA-HA (c) D2ASD02493 NgoA-HA (c) D2C
SD02494 NgoA-HA (c) E7FSD02495 OE-TCD2-B2086SD02496 OE-TCD2-Cu428
SD02497 OE-TCD3-BSD02498 OE-TCD3-CSD02499 OE-TCD4-B
SD02500 OE-TCD4-CSD02501 PPG1∆1-30/1SD02503 PPG1∆4-14/2
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