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We are now shipping live cells, plasmids, genomic DNA, and media packets, although shipping may take somewhat longer than normal. Contact us with any questions.

If the use of Tetrahymena cultures obtained from the Stock Center results in a scientific publication, please cite using the Research Resource Identifier (RRID) number of the strain(s) in the following manner: Tetrahymena borealis (TSC_SD01680, 19408-4 Tetrahymena Stock Center) or CU428.2 (TSC_SD00178, Tetrahymena Stock Center). This is our most important way of demonstrating the value of the materials at the Center.

Searching the Stock Center Tetrahymena Database

You may search the database by using either a full-text search or a field-based search. The full text search will look for any of the exact whole words you enter (no wild cards) and return the results ranked on relevance. The field-based search allows you to set Boolean parameters for combinations of fields.

Case doesn't matter in the full-text search, but the genotype/phenotype field searches are case-sensitive.

Full-text Search

Field-based Search

The available fields are Name, AKA, Species, Comments, MIC genotype, MAC genotype / phenotype, MIC knockins/outs, MAC knockins/outs, Mating type, Gene of interest, Origin, and Publications.

  Search field #1     Search field #2 (optional)

Here are common markers for searches. In the MIC and MAC genotypes, capital letters denote the wild type and lower case letters the mutants. In the MAC phenotype, the suffix -r indicates resistance and -s sensitivity.

Marker MIC / MAC Genotype MAC Phenotype
Cycloheximide resistance, chx, CHX cy-r, cy-s
6-methyl purine resistance mpr, MPR mp-r, mp-s
Paromomycin resistance pmr, PMR pm-r, pm-s
Oryzalin resistance   ory-r, ory-s
Paclitaxel (taxol) sensitivity   tax-r, tax-s
Mitochondrial chloramphenicol resistance cmp, CMP cmp-r, cmp-s
2-fluoroadenosine resistance far, FAR far-r, far-s
2-deoxygalactose resistance gal, GAL gal-r, gal-s
Anisomycin resistance anr, ANR an-r, an-s
Hygromycin resistance hgr, HGR hg-r, hg-s