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Searching the Stock Center Tetrahymena Database

You may search the database by using either a full-text search or a field-based search. The full text search will look for any of the exact whole words you enter (no wild cards) and return the results ranked on relevance. The field-based search allows you to set Boolean parameters for combinations of fields.

Case doesn't matter in the full-text search, but the genotype/phenotype field searches are case-sensitive.

Full-text Search

Field-based Search

The available fields are Name, AKA, Species, Comments, MIC genotype, MAC genotype / phenotype, MIC knockins/outs, MAC knockins/outs, Mating type, Gene of interest, Origin, and Publications.

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Here are common markers for searches. In the MIC and MAC genotypes, capital letters denote the wild type and lower case letters the mutants. In the MAC phenotype, the suffix -r indicates resistance and -s sensitivity.

Marker MIC / MAC Genotype MAC Phenotype
Cycloheximide resistance, chx, CHX cy-r, cy-s
6-methyl purine resistance mpr, MPR mp-r, mp-s
Paromomycin resistance pmr, PMR pm-r, pm-s
Oryzalin resistance   ory-r, ory-s
Paclitaxel (taxol) sensitivity   tax-r, tax-s
Mitochondrial chloramphenicol resistance cmp, CMP cmp-r, cmp-s
2-fluoroadenosine resistance far, FAR far-r, far-s
2-deoxygalactose resistance gal, GAL gal-r, gal-s
Anisomycin resistance anr, ANR an-r, an-s
Hygromycin resistance hgr, HGR hg-r, hg-s