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Available Strains

These are the currently available strains. Click on the stock id for more information about any strain, or search the database for specific information. To make ordering easier, you might also want to use this link which will open the order form in another window for easier copy-and-paste of stock ids.

If the use of Tetrahymena cultures obtained from the Stock Center results in a scientific publication, please cite using the Research Resource Identifier (RRID) number of the strain(s) in the following manner: Tetrahymena borealis (TSC_SD01680, 19408-4 Tetrahymena Stock Center) or CU428.2 (TSC_SD00178, Tetrahymena Stock Center). This is our most important way of demonstrating the value of the materials at the Center.

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SD01396 HTA2 (G209A1)SD01397 HTA2 (G209C4)SD01398 HTA2 (G211A3)
SD01413 tG2NHA5SD01414 tG2NHAOSD01415 TTMG A6
SD01416 TTMG A7SD01417 TTMGG A1SD01419 TTMN CU428
SD01420 VB1SD01422 NP1SD01423 SB1900
SD01424 SB1901SD01427 IA197SD01428 IA223
SD01434 IA319SD01439 IA408SD01440 IA417
SD01443 IA481SD01445 GPCR8SD01446 GPCR3
SD01447 IA104SD01448 IA157SD01449 IA237
SD01450 IA282SD01451 IA317SD01452 IA350
SD01453 IA364SD01454 IA388SD01455 IA443
SD01456 IA466SD01457 IA137SD01458 IA225
SD01459 IA230SD01460 IA313SD01461 IA333
SD01462 IA336SD01463 IA393SD01464 IA403
SD01465 IA418SD01466 IA480SD01467 IA485
SD01469 SB2437HSD01470 SB2364HSD01471 SB2377H
SD01493 B2-688aSD01494 B2-688bSD01495 D1968-1
SD01496 D1968-2SD01497 D1968-3aSD01498 D1968-5
SD01500 SB1445SD01501 SB1446SD01502 SB1456
SD01503 SB1457SD01504 SB1506SD01505 SB1507
SD01506 SB1520SD01507 SB1521SD01508 SB715
SD01510 IA107SD01511 IA123SD01512 IA126
SD01513 IA130SD01514 IA234SD01515 IA251
SD01516 IA280SD01517 IA285SD01518 IA328
SD01519 IA471SD01520 IA479SD01532 SB1450
SD01533 SB1461SD01534 SB1477SD01535 SB1483
SD01536 SB1514SD01537 SB1518SD01538 SB1532
SD01539 SB210-ESD01540 SB4200SD01541 SB4202
SD01542 SB4204SD01543 IA112SD01544 IA240
SD01546 18282-1SD01547 18282-4SD01548 18296-1
SD01549 18296-4SD01550 18297-1SD01551 18298-1
SD01552 19802-3SD01553 19813-1SD01554 19869-1
SD01555 19877-1SD01556 19882-2SD01557 20395-1
SD01558 20430-2SD01559 20438-1SD01560 20441-1
SD01561 20453-1SD01562 20454-1SD01563 20465-1
SD01564 20469-4SD01565 20480-4SD01566 20488-4
SD01567 IA203SD01568 IA211SD01569 IA231
SD01570 IA345SD01571 IA347SD01572 IA375
SD01573 IA381SD01574 IA410SD01575 IA425
SD01576 IA437SD01577 IA441SD01578 IA469
SD01579 IA475SD01580 SB4208SD01581 SB4211
SD01582 SB4214SD01583 SB4217SD01584 SB4220
SD01585 SB4223SD01586 IA110SD01587 IA177
SD01588 IA180SD01589 IA182SD01590 IA184
SD01591 IA322SD01592 IA329SD01593 IA450
SD01594 MU111.1SD01595 MU119SD01596 MU125
SD01597 MU126ASD01598 SJ140 (373)SD01599 SJ140 (374)
SD01600 SJ177SD01601 SJ179SD01602 SJ180
SD01603 SJ188SD01604 SJ189SD01605 SJ190
SD01606 SJ191SD01607 T. elliotti 4EASD01608 T. malaccensis 436
SD01609 T. borealis X4H2SD01612 SB215SD01613 SB841
SD01614 SB842SD01615 SB1914SD01616 SB1915
SD01617 SB1917SD01618 SB1934SD01619 B1868 VII
SD01620 B1975 IIISD01621 B2079-X-IISD01622 B2079-X-VI
SD01623 B2079-Z-IVSD01624 B2079-Z-VISD01625 B2086 II
SD01626 B2086 VIaSD01627 B2086 VIbSD01628 BI3840 IVa
SD01629 BI3840 IVbSD01630 II8G-IA(a)SD01631 II8G-IA(b)
SD01633 SB105SD01634 SF102SD01635 SF106
SD01636 SF110SD01637 SF114SD01638 SF118
SD01639 SF120SD01640 SF122SD01641 SF130
SD01642 SF134SD01644 SB620SD01645 SF126
SD01646 SB230SD01647 SB231SD01648 SB232
SD01649 SB236SD01650 SB4209SD01651 SB4210
SD01652 SB4212SD01653 SB4213SD01654 SB4215
SD01655 SB4216SD01656 SB4218SD01657 SB4219
SD01658 SB4221SD01659 SB4222SD01660 SB4224
SD01661 SB4225SD01662 SB506SD01663 SB507
SD01664 SB508SD01665 SB509SD01666 GB1
SD01667 GPCR3.8SD01668 1098-1SD01669 1121-1
SD01670 1101-2SD01671 1289-2SD01672 18470-2
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