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Stock IDSD01415
Strain NameTTMG A6
SpeciesT. thermophila
Genetic Descriptiongtu1[∆::neo2]/gtu1[∆::neo2] (gtu1[∆::neo2]; MTT1/mtt1[∆::GTU1]; pm-r, ?)
MAC Knockins/outsGTU1 into MTT1 locus, partial replacement
MIC Knockins/outsGTU1 replaced by neo2
Gene of InterestGTU1 (TTHERM_00079520)
OriginYuhua Shang
PublicationsShang Y, Tsao CC, Gorovsky MA. 2005. Mutational analyses reveal a novel function of the nucleotide-binding domain of gamma-tubulin in the regulation of basal body biogenesis. J Cell Biol 171(6):1035-44.

Shang Y, Li B, Gorovsky MA. 2002. Tetrahymena thermophila contains a conventional gamma-tubulin that is differentially required for the maintenance of different microtubule-organizing centers. J Cell Biol 158(7):1195-206.
CommentsIn mac at GTU locus, GTU coding region is replaced by neo cassette. At metallothionein locus, two alleles a) MTT coding region, b) GTU coding region . Use the pTTMG construct (GTU coding driven by MTT promoter) to rescue GTU KO heterokaryon, is cadmium dependent. Requires 0.25 to 1 ug/ml Cd to grow.

From the Gorovsky lab, University of Rochester. This strain has been cataloged by the Stock Center but not thawed.
Research Resource IdentifierTSC_SD01415
Requires MTA?No
Academic cost $45