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Available Strains

These are the currently available strains. Click on the stock id for more information about any strain, or search the database for specific information. To make ordering easier, you might also want to use this link which will open the order form in another window for easier copy-and-paste of stock ids.

If the use of Tetrahymena cultures obtained from the Stock Center results in a scientific publication, please cite using the Research Resource Identifier (RRID) number of the strain(s) in the following manner: Tetrahymena borealis (TSC_SD01680, 19408-4 Tetrahymena Stock Center) or CU428.2 (TSC_SD00178, Tetrahymena Stock Center). This is our most important way of demonstrating the value of the materials at the Center.

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SD00779 CU1057SD00781 CU1059SD00782 CU1060
SD00783 CU1061SD00784 CU1062SD00785 CU1063
SD00786 CU1064SD00787 CU1065SD00788 CU123
SD00789 CU134SD00790 CU137SD00791 CU146
SD00803 CU152SD00804 CU173SD00805 CU2000
SD00806 CU2001SD00807 CU2002SD00808 CU2003
SD00810 CU2006SD00818 CU2011SD00819 CU5075
SD00821 CU4069SD00827 CU5076SD00828 CU5077
SD00830 CU5078SD00832 CU4070SD00834 CU5079
SD00835 CU3108SD00840 CU2033SD00841 CU4071
SD00843 CU4073SD00845 CU4074SD00847 CU4075
SD00849 CU4076SD00851 CU4077SD00852 CU4078
SD00854 CU4079SD00855 CU4080SD00856 CU4081
SD00857 CU4082SD00858 CU4083SD00863 CU4084
SD00864 CU4085SD00865 CU4086SD00871 CU4087
SD00872 CU4088SD00873 CU4089SD00874 CU2067
SD00875 CU2068SD00876 CU2069SD00877 CU2070
SD00878 CU2071SD00879 CU2072SD00880 CU2073
SD00881 CU2074SD00882 CU4090SD00885 CU4091
SD00886 CU4092SD00887 CU4093SD00889 CU4094
SD00890 CU4095SD00891 CU4096SD00892 CU4097
SD00895 CU4098SD00896 CU4099SD00898 CU4100
SD00903 CU4101SD00904 CU2097SD00905 CU2098
SD00906 CU2099SD00907 CU2100SD00909 CU2102
SD00910 CU3109SD00911 CU2104SD00913 CU2106
SD00914 CU2107SD00915 CU2108SD00916 CU2109
SD00917 CU2110SD00918 CU2111SD00919 CU2112
SD00920 CU2113SD00921 CU2114SD00922 CU2115
SD00923 CU2116SD00924 CU2117SD00925 CU2118
SD00926 CU2119SD00927 CU2120SD00928 CU2121
SD00931 CU2124SD00932 CU2125SD00933 CU2126
SD00935 CU2128SD00936 CU2129SD00937 CU2130
SD00938 CU2131SD00939 CU2132SD00940 CU2133
SD00941 CU2134SD00942 CU2135SD00943 CU2136
SD00944 CU2137SD00945 CU2138SD00946 CU245
SD00947 CU255SD00948 CU273SD00951 CU3001
SD00954 CU3004SD00956 CU2139SD00957 CU3007
SD00958 CU2140SD00959 CU3009SD00962 CU3012
SD00963 CU3013SD00965 CU3015SD00966 CU3016
SD00967 CU2141SD00969 CU3019SD00970 CU3020
SD00971 CU3021SD00973 CU4102SD00974 CU3024
SD00975 CU3025SD00976 CU3026SD00978 CU3028
SD00979 CU4103SD00980 CU3030SD00981 CU3031
SD00982 CU4104SD00983 CU3033SD00985 CU3035
SD00986 CU3036SD00987 CU4105SD00988 CU3038
SD00990 CU3040SD00991 CU2143SD00992 CU3042
SD00993 CU3043SD00994 CU3044SD00995 CU3045
SD00997 CU2144SD00999 CU3049SD01000 CU3050
SD01002 CU3052SD01003 CU3053SD01005 CU3055
SD01008 CU3058SD01009 CU3059SD01010 CU4106
SD01011 CU4107SD01012 CU3062SD01013 CU3063
SD01014 CU2146SD01018 CU3068SD01020 CU3070
SD01023 CU3073SD01030 CU3080SD01031 CU3081
SD01033 CU3083SD01035 CU3085SD01039 CU3088
SD01040 CU3089SD01041 CU3090SD01042 CU3091
SD01044 CU3093SD01047 CU3096SD01048 CU3097
SD01049 CU3098SD01050 CU3099SD01051 CU3100
SD01052 CU3101SD01053 CU3102SD01054 CU3103
SD01055 CU4000SD01056 CU4001SD01058 CU4003
SD01059 CU4004SD01060 CU4005SD01062 CU4007
SD01063 CU4008SD01064 CU4009SD01065 CU4010
SD01066 CU4011SD01067 CU4012SD01068 CU4013
SD01069 CU4014SD01070 CU4015SD01071 CU4016
SD01076 CU4021SD01077 CU4022SD01079 CU4024
SD01080 CU4025SD01081 CU4026SD01082 CU4027
SD01083 CU4028SD01084 CU4029SD01086 CU4031
SD01087 CU4032SD01089 CU4034SD01090 CU4035
SD01091 CU4036SD01092 CU4037SD01093 CU4038
SD01094 CU4039SD01095 CU4040SD01096 CU4041
SD01097 CU4042SD01098 CU4043SD01099 CU4044
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