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Available Strains

These are the currently available strains. Click on the stock id for more information about any strain, or search the database for specific information. To make ordering easier, you might also want to use this link which will open the order form in another window for easier copy-and-paste of stock ids.

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SD01673 18662-4SD01674 18715-2SD01675 18786-1
SD01676 18765-1SD01677 19178-1SD01678 19188-5
SD01679 19399-1SD01680 19408-4SD01681 19473-1
SD01682 19511-5SD01683 19499-2SD01684 19502-1
SD01685 19515-1SD01686 19484-3SD01687 19552-1
SD01688 19553-1SD01689 19604-3SD01690 19604-1
SD01691 19634-1SD01692 19635-2SD01693 19687-1
SD01694 19677-5SD01695 19697-2SD01696 19699-1
SD01697 19719-2SD01698 19735-1SD01699 19736-2
SD01700 19742-5SD01701 19766-1SD01702 19771-1
SD01703 19787-2SD01704 19803-1SD01705 19794-1
SD01706 19816-1SD01707 19849-3SD01708 19852-1
SD01709 19903-1SD01710 19950-1SD01711 19927-1
SD01712 19943-2SD01713 19915-1SD01714 20424-3
SD01715 20447-1SD01716 20434-2SD01718 20409-3
SD01719 20471-1SD01720 20478-2SD01722 SB2030
SD01723 SB2031SD01724 SB2032SD01725 LH3
SD01726 LH6SD01727 RH179E1SD01729 T. elliotti Ved3-3
SD01730 T. malaccensis 23bSD01732 T. malaccensis 44bSD01733 T. thermophila LWA
SD01734 T. thermophila C2780SD01735 T. thermophila Fl19kSD01736 PU1
SD01737 PU2SD01738 VI001SD01739 VI004
SD01740 VI005SD01741 VI006SD01742 VI007
SD01743 VI008SD01744 H1 WT-GFPSD01745 IA119
SD01746 IA178SD01747 IA246SD01748 IA271
SD01749 IA310SD01750 IA312SD01751 IA420
SD01752 C2 VIISD01753 CU458SD01754 B2192 III
SD01755 B2192 IVbSD01756 B2192 VIIbSD01757 VPS13A::GFP
SD01758 VPS13A::NEOSD01759 CU459SD01760 TC102
SD01761 TC103SD01762 TC105SD01769 MTT-HTAY-Flag-MTT (X ...
SD01771 MTT-HA-PP50 #3SD01772 ∆TCD2-B2086SD01773 ∆TCD2-CU428
SD01774 VI009SD01775 VI010SD01776 MCG-C
SD01777 MCG-BSD01778 g∆∆-3SD01779 S-H3.3+GFP/H3.3-79
SD01780 S-MTT-H3.3-G-IN3SD01782 VI011SD01783 VI012
SD01784 OAD1 C11SD01785 MS-1SD01786 ∆HTAY pXS83-23
SD01787 122∆ 2.1nsSD01788 122∆172∆ B3SD01789 122∆172∆ B5n3
SD01790 122∆172∆H4nsSD01791 122∆5.3nsSD01792 122∆5.3s
SD01793 172∆A5ns6SD01794 172∆A5s6SD01795 172∆A9s3
SD01796 A1∆16F10.1nsSD01797 A1∆F10.2nsSD01798 A1∆F11.1ns
SD01801 BMCG- ∆DCL1-171SD01802 BMCG- ∆DCL1-172SD01803 BMCG- ∆DCL1-174
SD01804 BMCG- ∆DCL1-61SD01805 BMCG- ∆DCL1-63SD01806 BMCG- ∆DCL1-64
SD01807 BMCG- ∆DCL1-65SD01808 BMCG- ∆TWI11-1SD01809 BMCG- ∆TWI11-2
SD01810 BMCG- ∆TWI11-3SD01811 BMCG- ∆TWI11-5SD01812 BMCG-B2086
SD01813 BMCG-hy3-63SD01814 c∆SAI 2-9-1-Mtt-DCL1-1SD01815 c∆SAI 2-9-1-Mtt-DCL1-2
SD01816 c∆TWI1 2-1ASD01817 cnjc-HA-24SD01818 p115 HA-4
SD01819 p115 HA-6SD01820 p115 sKO A-1-1SD01821 p115 sKO A-8-1
SD01822 p115 sKO B-13-1SD01823 p115 sKO B-18-1SD01824 p115 V5 CU427-2
SD01825 p115 V5 CU427-7SD01826 p115 V5 CU428-2SD01827 p115 V5 CU428-6
SD01828 A438-1SD01829 A443-1SD01830 A445-1
SD01831 A447-1SD01832 A5A7-1SD01833 AAA1D9
SD01834 AAA2D9SD01836 ATU-4ASD01837 ATU-4D
SD01838 ATU-6DSD01839 B1KO-1SD01840 B1KO-2
SD01841 BTU1-E431,432,435DSD01842 BTU1-E431,435DSD01843 BTU1-E432,435D
SD01844 BTU1-E435DSD01845 ∆CnjB #1SD01846 ∆CnjB #3
SD01847 ∆CnjB #6SD01848 D5ABSD01849 D6D7-2
SD01850 DRH1 s ∆ C7-5DSD01851 DRH1 s ∆ C7-6GSD01852 g-H3.2+GFP-10
SD01853 g-H3.2+GFP-3SD01854 g-H3.3+GFP/H3.2-14SD01855 g:H3.3+GFP-55-8*
SD01856 H3.3-Flag-8SD01857 H3.4-Flag-4SD01858 H3.4-Flag-5
SD01860 ∆H3.1/ 3.3 gl KO #23SD01861 ∆H3.3SD01862 ∆H3 all, gl KO #37
SD01863 ∆H3 all, gl KO #42SD01864 ∆H3 all, gl KO #26SD01865 ∆H3 all, gl KO #28
SD01866 ∆H3 all, gl KO #45SD01869 ∆H3 gl 2.6SD01870 ∆H3 gl 2.5
SD01871 ∆H3 gl 2.4SD01872 ∆H3 gl 2.3SD01879 ∆H3.1/ 3.3 gl KO #17
SD01880 ∆H3.2/ 3.3 gl KO #1SD01881 ∆H3 major gl KO #19SD01882 ∆HTB2/HTB1
SD01883 ∆HTB2/HTB1 A8CSD01884 ∆HTB2/HTB1 A8C K4RSD01885 ∆HTB2/HTB1 A8C K4Q
SD01886 H3E-1SD01887 H3E-2SD01888 H3E-4
SD01889 H3E-6SD01890 HA CNB B2086 #8SD01891 HA-His-hv2
SD01892 HA-hv2 / B2086SD01893 HHT2-S10 (S10-101)SD01894 HHT2-S10 (S10-4 3)
SD01895 MTT-ATUSD01896 S-H3.3+GFP/H3.2-8SD01897 S-H3.3+GFP/H3.3-75
SD01898 S-H3.2+GFP/H3.3-422SD01899 S-H3.2+GFP/H3.3-431SD01900 AAKO 2.7
SD01901 AAKO 5.5SD01902 ATU-E443A,445-6ASD01903 B2086-XS46(6)
SD01904 B2086-XS46(9)SD01905 B2KO-1SD01906 B2KO-2
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