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Available Strains

These are the currently available strains. Click on the stock id for more information about any strain, or search the database for specific information. To make ordering easier, you might also want to use this link which will open the order form in another window for easier copy-and-paste of stock ids.

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SD00302 CU553SD00303 CU554SD00304 CU555
SD00305 CU556SD00306 CU557SD00307 CU558
SD00308 CU559SD00309 CU560SD00310 CU561
SD00312 CU563SD00313 CU564SD00316 CU567
SD00317 CU568SD00318 CU569SD00319 CU570
SD00320 CU571SD00321 CU572SD00322 CU573
SD00327 CU578SD00328 CU579SD00329 CU580
SD00330 CU581SD00331 CU582SD00332 CU583
SD00333 CU584SD00334 CU585SD00335 CU586
SD00336 CU587SD00337 CU588SD00338 CU589
SD00339 CU590SD00340 CU591SD00341 CU592
SD00342 CU593SD00343 CU594SD00344 CU595
SD00345 CU596SD00346 CU597SD00347 CU598
SD00348 CU599SD00349 CU600SD00350 CU601
SD00351 CU602SD00352 CU603SD00353 CU604
SD00354 CU605SD00355 CU606SD00356 CU607
SD00357 CU608SD00358 CU609SD00359 CU610
SD00360 CU611SD00361 CU612SD00362 CU613
SD00363 CU614SD00364 CU615SD00365 CU616
SD00366 CU617SD00367 CU618SD00368 CU619
SD00369 CU620SD00370 CU621SD00371 CU622
SD00372 CU623SD00373 CU624SD00374 CU625
SD00375 CU626SD00376 CU627SD00377 CU628
SD00378 CU629SD00379 CU630SD00380 CU631
SD00381 CU632SD00382 CU633SD00383 CU634
SD00384 CU635SD00385 CU636SD00386 CU637
SD00387 CU638SD00388 CU639SD00389 CU640
SD00390 CU641SD00391 CU642SD00395 CU646
SD00396 CU647SD00397 CU648SD00398 CU649
SD00399 CU650SD00400 CU651SD00401 CU652
SD00402 CU653SD00403 CU654SD00404 CU655
SD00406 CU656SD00407 CU657SD00408 CU658
SD00409 CU659SD00410 CU660SD00411 CU661
SD00412 CU662SD00413 CU663SD00414 CU664
SD00415 CU665SD00416 CU666SD00480 CU724
SD00481 CU725SD00482 CU726SD00483 CU727
SD00506 CU530SD00516 CU760SD00569 CU813
SD00591 CU835SD00625 IA134SD00626 IA171
SD00627 IA172SD00628 IA217SD00629 IA219
SD00630 IA220SD00631 IA221SD00632 IA264
SD00634 IA277SD00635 IA342SD00636 IA344
SD00637 IA359SD00638 IA360SD00639 IA365
SD00640 IA366SD00641 IA378SD00642 IA379
SD00643 IA385SD00644 IA387SD00645 IA404
SD00646 IA405SD00647 IA406SD00648 IA411
SD00649 IA412SD00650 IA413SD00651 IA414
SD00657 SB1440SD00659 SB3538SD00660 SB3539
SD00661 SB3540SD00662 SB3541SD00663 SB3543
SD00664 SB3544SD00665 SB3546SD00666 SB281
SD00667 SB3549SD00668 SB938SD00688 VM 002-4 IV
SD00689 VM 002-40SD00692 CU761SD00701 SB1969
SD00703 SB210SD00704 DYH7neo3SD00705 GPCR6
SD00706 DYH6 KO6SD00707 T. pyriformis GL-CSD00709 B2086.2
SD00710 CU330.1SD00711 CU355.1SD00712 CU368.1
SD00713 CU376.1SD00715 CU427.4SD00717 CU435.1
SD00718 SB3546.1SD00720 CU1000SD00721 CU1001
SD00722 CU1002SD00723 CU1003SD00724 CU1004
SD00725 CU1005SD00727 CU1007SD00728 CU1008
SD00729 CU1009SD00732 CU1012SD00733 CU1013
SD00734 CU1014SD00736 CU4108SD00737 CU1017
SD00738 CU1018SD00739 CU1019SD00743 CU1021
SD00745 CU1023SD00747 CU1025SD00749 CU1027
SD00751 CU1029SD00752 CU1030SD00753 CU1031
SD00754 CU1032SD00755 CU1033SD00756 CU1034
SD00757 CU1035SD00759 CU1037SD00760 CU1038
SD00761 CU1039SD00762 CU1040SD00763 CU1041
SD00764 CU1042SD00765 CU1043SD00766 CU1044
SD00767 CU1045SD00768 CU1046SD00769 CU1047
SD00770 CU1048SD00772 CU1050SD00773 CU1051
SD00775 CU1053SD00776 CU1054SD00777 CU1055
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