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Available Strains

These are the currently available strains. Click on the stock id for more information about any strain, or search the database for specific information. To make ordering easier, you might also want to use this link which will open the order form in another window for easier copy-and-paste of stock ids.

If the use of Tetrahymena cultures obtained from the Stock Center results in a scientific publication, please cite using the Research Resource Identifier (RRID) number of the strain(s) in the following manner: Tetrahymena borealis (TSC_SD01680, 19408-4 Tetrahymena Stock Center) or CU428.2 (TSC_SD00178, Tetrahymena Stock Center). This is our most important way of demonstrating the value of the materials at the Center.

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SD02788 h∆BRE1(neo2)-A1E1 SD02789 ∆H1(5)SD02791 H3.2 g-1
SD02792 H3.2∆3ASD02793 H3.3 ∆2SD02794 H3.3 g-1
SD02795 HA-CNB (8) 1-4-6SD02796 HA-CNB (8) 2-6-6SD02797 HA-TWI11 B1-1-1
SD02798 HA-TWI11 B1-1-2SD02799 HA-TWI11 B1-2-3SD02800 HA-TWI11 B1-2-4
SD02801 HA-TWI11 F2-1SD02802 HA-TWI11 F2-12SD02803 HA-TWI11 F2-24
SD02804 HA-TWI11 F2-5SD02805 HA-TWI11 F2-8SD02807 HHT1
SD02808 ∆HTA.Y real 67-2SD02809 ∆HTA.Y real 67-4SD02810 HTA1-D13D1
SD02811 HTA1-G1 14B7SD02812 HTA1-G1 15B5SD02813 HTA1-G1 15B6
SD02815 ∆∆LH(b)SD02816 ∆∆LH(c)SD02818 MTT-HA-PP50 #11
SD02819 MTT-HA-PP50 #4SD02820 MTT-HA-PP50 #5SD02821 MTT-HA-PP50 #9
SD02822 pBBN-CDC2 5’ 1.6-G ...SD02823 pBBN-CDC2 5’ 727-G ...SD02824 pBBN-CDC2 5’ 9-GFP (2)
SD02825 pBBN-CDC2 5’ 9-GFP (3)SD02826 pBBN-CDC2 9-(6)SD02827 pBBN-CDC2 9-G (3)
SD02828 pBBN-G(1)SD02829 R40 AAA-1SD02830 R40 DDD-1
SD02831 RNH2 s KO (7)-9-1SD02832 SAI 2 HA-9SD02833 SAI1 KO BXC7 0.6-15-1
SD02834 SAI1 KO BXC7 1.0-1-2SD02835 ∆SAI2 g-1-1SD02836 ∆SAI2 g-2-1
SD02847 ∆TWI1 hehe C4-4-3SD02848 ∆TWI1 hehe F3-1SD02849 ∆TWI1 hehe F3-1-c1-1
SD02850 ∆TWI1 hehe F3-1-c2-1SD02851 ∆TWI1 hehe F3-1-c5-2SD02853 TWI11 KO (2) 4-1
SD02854 TWI11 KO 1-4SD02855 TWI11 KO 1-4-R1SD02856 TWI11 KO 2-7
SD02857 TWI11 KO 2-7-RISD02858 TWI11 KO F2-21SD02860 TWI11 KO F2-23
SD02861 TWI11 KO F2-23-RISD02862 TWI11 KO F2-24SD02863 TWI11 s KO (2) 5-1
SD02864 TWI11 s KO (8) 8-1SD02865 TWI11 s KO (8) 9-1SD02866 TWI11 s KO (2) 3
SD02867 TWI7 F2-11SD02868 TWI7 F2-68SD02869 TWI7 KO 2-1
SD02870 TWI7 KO 3-1SD02871 wt (ATU) (complete r ...SD02872 XLT1
SD02873 XLT10SD02874 XLT11SD02875 XLT12
SD02876 XLT2SD02877 XLT20SD02878 XLT21
SD02879 XLT22SD02880 XLT3SD02881 XS87-5
SD02882 XS88-3SD02883 XS89-14SD02884 XS90-14
SD02885 XS92-5SD02964 5D-2SD02971 1101-1
SD02973 18840-1SD02974 18846-4SD02976 19414-4
SD02978 19568-4SD02980 19613-1SD02985 19742-1
SD02987 19765-1SD02989 19767-2SD02990 19769-1
SD02993 19797-3SD02994 19814-2SD02996 19824-3
SD02997 19868-1SD02998 19871-1SD02999 19881-1
SD03000 19886-2SD03001 19886-5SD03003 19914-3
SD03005 19929-1SD03006 19930-1SD03008 19944-1
SD03009 20035-1SD03010 20044-1SD03011 20044-3
SD03012 20056-1SD03013 20152-2SD03014 20180-1
SD03015 20194-2SD03016 20212-5SD03017 20218-1
SD03018 20393-1SD03019 20398-5SD03020 20403-1
SD03022 20418-2SD03023 20418-3SD03024 20424-2
SD03025 20425-1SD03026 20426-1SD03027 20428-2
SD03029 20434-5SD03030 20435-1SD03033 20454-5
SD03035 20461-4SD03036 20462-3SD03037 20463-2
SD03040 20472-1SD03041 20472-2SD03042 20474-5
SD03043 20476-1SD03044 20477-2SD03046 20479-1
SD03047 20514-1SD03048 20514-2SD03049 20811-1
SD03050 20839-1SD03051 20919-5SD03052 20984-1
SD03053 21030-1SD03054 21059-2SD03055 21121-1
SD03057 21170-1SD03058 21318-1SD03059 21318-2
SD03060 21332-1SD03061 21337-1SD03062 21338-1
SD03063 21464-3SD03064 21485-1SD03065 21510-4
SD03066 21518-1SD03067 21535-2SD03069 MU101
SD03070 MU121.3SD03071 MU135SD03072 MU136
SD03073 MU137SD03074 1359-1SD03075 16020-2
SD03076 18262-1SD03077 18301-3SD03078 18535-1
SD03079 18847-3SD03080 19059-1SD03081 19261-3
SD03082 19270-1SD03083 19270-4SD03084 19270-5
SD03085 19271-3SD03086 19304-1SD03087 19608-1
SD03088 19609-3SD03089 19617-1SD03090 19692-1
SD03091 19788-1SD03092 19789-1SD03093 19802-1
SD03094 19814-1SD03095 19814-3SD03096 19817-3
SD03097 19819-3SD03098 19876-1SD03099 19878-2
SD03100 19878-5SD03101 19880-1SD03103 20396-1
SD03104 20430-1SD03106 20450-3SD03107 20452-1
SD03108 20469-2SD03109 20471-5SD03110 20480-1
SD03111 20480-5SD03112 21125-1SD03113 21136-4
SD03114 21157-1SD03115 8596-2SD03119 19390-2
SD03123 19476-1SD03124 19499-1SD03127 19511-2
SD03129 19569-1SD03130 19586-2SD03132 19635-1
SD03133 19636-1SD03134 19723-1SD03135 19728-1
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