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Stock IDSD02395
Strain NameHTA1-D1M01
SpeciesT. thermophila
Genetic Descriptionhta1[∆::neo2]/hta1[∆::neo2]; hta2[∆::neo2]/ hta2[∆::neo2]; CHX1/CHX1;mpr1?/mpr1? (HTA1 (now HTAX) is WT but HTA2 (now HTA1) has neo2; ?)
MAC Knockins/outsWT HTAX
MIC Knockins/outsNeo 2 knockout of HTAX and HTA1 genes
Gene of InterestHTA1 (TTHERM_00790790) + HTA2 (TTHERM_00316500)
OriginQinghu Ren
PublicationsRen Q and Gorovsky MA. 2003. The nonessential H2A N-terminal tail can function as an essential charge patch on the H2A.Z variant N-terminal tail. Mol Cell Biol 23(8):2778-89.

Ren Q and Gorovsky MA. 2001. Histone H2A.Z acetylation modulates an essential charge patch. Mol Cell 7(6):1329-35.
CommentsG4B1G10A x G4B3C1A. wt HTA1 (pXL53) rescue ∆HTA1∆HTA2 double knockout heterokaryon. Assort to pm-s. Mates with HTA1-D1A01, D2B01, D3E01

From the Gorovsky lab, University of Rochester. This strain has been cataloged by the Stock Center but not thawed.
Research Resource IdentifierTSC_SD02395
Requires MTA?No
Academic cost $35