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Plasmid IDPID00020
Plasmid NamepMNMM3
Academic Cost$50
Base Pairs7327
SourceKazufumi Mochizuki, IMBA, Vienna, Austria
PublicationsBusch CJ, Vogt A, Mochizuki K. 2010. Establishment of a Cre/loxP recombination system for N-terminal epitope tagging of genes in Tetrahymena. BMC Microbiol 10:191.
Vector TypeTargets MTT1 locus
E. coli selectionAmpicillin
Tetrahymena selectionParomomycin
Selection cassetteneo5 [HHFI(promoter)-codon optimized neo; constitutive promoter
Expression cassetteCassette for inserting genes into MTT1 locus
Sequence File pMNMM3.docx
Plasmid Map