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Stock IDSD03297
Strain NameUCB304
AKAsfr13 KO/rescue22
SpeciesT. thermophila
Genetic Descriptionsfr13-1[∆::NEO2] (sfr13-1[∆::NEO2]::SFR13[5'::BSR]::SFR13 3'; WT number of basal bodies (fewer cortical rows when analyzed)., ?)
MAC Knockins/outsSFR13 rescue in two parts (see comments)
MIC Knockins/outscen2-1[∆::NEO2]
Gene of InterestSFR13 (TTHERM_00522830)
OriginUCB301 X UCB302
PublicationsStemm-Wolf AJ, Meehl JB, Winey M. 2013. Sfr13, a member of a large family of asymmetrically localized Sfi1-repeat proteins, is important for basal body separation and stability in tetrahymena thermophila. J Cell Sci 126(Pt 7):1659-71.
Commentssfr13 complete null rescue. First a 5' part of the gene was introduced into the sfr13 locus with BSR selection. Second, the remainder of the gene was introduced to the KO locus with the 5' BSR insertion, and rescue of the small cell size phenotype was selected for.

From the Winey Lab at the University of Colorado Boulder.
Research Resource IdentifierTSC_SD03297
Requires MTA?No
Academic cost $35