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Plasmid IDPID00034
Plasmid NameTlr Int C
Academic Cost$50
Base Pairs9118
SourceKathleen Karrer, Marquette University, U.S.A.
PublicationsWuitschick JD, Gershan JA, Lochowicz AJ, Li S, Karrer KM. 2002. A novel family of mobile genetic elements is limited to the germline genome in tetrahymena thermophila. Nucleic Acids Res 30(11):2524-37.
Vector TypepUC18
E. coli selectionAmpicillin
Tetrahymena selectionNone
Selection cassette
Expression cassette
NotesLibrary construction: Tetrahymena thermophila strain CU399 micronuclear DNA partially digested with MboI and filled in with dGTP and dATP, ligated to pUC18 digested with SalI and filled in with dTTP and dCTP.

See Wuitschick et al., figure 1 for map of Tlr element family

Genbank Accession No. AF232244
Sequence Filenot available
Plasmid Map