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Plasmid IDPID00023
Plasmid NamepNeo3
Academic Cost$50
Base Pairs5925
SourceMarty Gorovsky, University of Rochester
PublicationsMochizuki K, Fine NA, Fujisawa T, Gorovsky MA. 2002. Analysis of a piwi-related gene implicates small RNAs in genome rearrangement in Tetrahymena. Cell 110(6):689-99.
Vector TypeParomomycin selection cassette–non-codon optimized
E. coli selectionAmpicillin
Tetrahymena selectionParomomycin
Selection cassette~0.9 kb of MTT1 promoter-pm, inducible promoter
Expression cassette
NotesNeo3 in TOPO PCR4Blunt
Sequence File pNeo3_in_TOPOPCR4Blunt.docx
Plasmid Map