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Plasmid IDPID00022
Plasmid NamepH4T2-3
Academic Cost$50
Base Pairsnot available
SourceMarty Gorovsky, University of Rochester
PublicationsGaertig J, Gu L, Hai B, Gorovsky MA. 1994. High frequency vector-mediated transformation and gene replacement in Tetrahymena. Nucleic Acids Res 22(24):5391-8.
Vector TypeCircular Replicative vector
E. coli selectionAmpicillin
Tetrahymena selectionParomomycin
Selection cassetteneo2 [HHFI(promoter)-non-codon optimized neo; constitutive promoter]
Expression cassettetwo rDNA origins and the neomycin resistance gene (neo2)
Sequence Filenot available
Plasmid Mapnot available