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Plasmid IDPID00011
Plasmid NamepD5H8
Academic Cost$50
Base Pairs14470
SourceMeng-Chao Yao,Institute of Molecular Biology, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
PublicationsCassidy-Hanley D, Bowen J, Lee JH, Cole E, VerPlank LA, Gaertig J, Gorovsky MA, Bruns PJ. 1997. Germline and somatic transformation of mating tetrahymena thermophila by particle bombardment. Genetics 146(1):135-47.

Sweeney R and Yao MC. 1989. Identifying functional regions of rRNA by insertion mutagenesis and complete gene replacement in tetrahymena thermophila. Embo j 8(3):933-8.

Yao MC and Yao CH. 1989. Accurate processing and amplification of cloned germ line copies of ribosomal DNA injected into developing nuclei of tetrahymena thermophila. Mol Cell Biol 9(3):1092-9
Vector TyperDNA based vector
E. coli selectionAmpicillin
Tetrahymena selectionParomomycin
Selection cassettePmr resistance mutation in 17s rDNA of C3 strain
Expression cassette
NotesThe map and sequence are approximations of the vector pieced together from various descriptions. The Cbs regions are functional and the NotI site in the 3' NTS is good for insertion. Otherwise, if absolute sequence is needed, the region of interest should be sequenced. Base numbers of various features are approximate.
Sequence File pD5H8.docx
Plasmid Map