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Plasmid IDPID00007
Plasmid NamepchxMTTGFP
Academic Cost$50
Base Pairs8211
SourceDouglas Chalker, Washington University, St. Louis, MO
PublicationsPearson CG, Giddings TH,Jr, Winey M. 2009. Basal body components exhibit differential protein dynamics during nascent basal body assembly. Mol Biol Cell 20(3):904-14.
Vector TypeTargets rpl29 locus
E. coli selectionKanamycin
Tetrahymena selectionCycloheximide
Selection cassetteMutation in rpl29 conferring cycloheximide resistance
Expression cassetteMTT1(promoter)-GFP; inducible promoter
NotesLinearize plasmid with HindIII, integrates into rpl29 locus
Sequence Filenot available
Plasmid Map