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Stock IDSD01594
Strain NameMU111.1
SpeciesT. thermophila
Genetic DescriptionASI2/ASI2, mpr1-1/mpr1/1 (asi2::neo, MPR1; pm-r, mp-r, II)
MAC Knockins/outsASI2 replaced with neo2 cassette
MIC Knockins/outs
Gene of InterestASI2 (TTHERM_00191480)
OriginMU111 was obtained from a shoot of CU428 with the neo2 cassette. MU111.1 is the product of a round I genomic exclusion mating between MU111 and B*VI (MU111 side).
CommentsSubmitted by Kathleen Karrer, Marquette University
Research Resource IdentifierTSC_SD01594
Requires MTA?No
Academic cost $35