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Available Strains

These are the currently available strains. Click on the stock id for more information about any strain, or search the database for specific information. To make ordering easier, you might also want to use this link which will open the order form in another window for easier copy-and-paste of stock ids.

If the use of Tetrahymena cultures obtained from the Stock Center results in a scientific publication, please cite using the Research Resource Identifier (RRID) number of the strain(s) in the following manner: Tetrahymena borealis (TSC_SD01680, 19408-4 Tetrahymena Stock Center) or CU428.2 (TSC_SD00178, Tetrahymena Stock Center). This is our most important way of demonstrating the value of the materials at the Center.

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SD02506 R-Tcd2-B2086SD02507 R-Tcd2-Cu428SD02508 RDP1 ∆27.1
SD02509 RDP1 ∆B1SD02510 RDP1 ∆B2SD02511 RDP1 del
SD02512 RDP1-T1SD02513 RDP1-T2SD02514 RDP1-T3
SD02515 RDP1-T4SD02516 RK285/DDHA #3SD02526 S10E+neo 1.2
SD02527 S10E+neo, ∆∆, #1SD02528 S10E+neo, ∆∆, #2SD02531 T146VHA #1
SD02532 ∆TCD3-4.BSD02533 ∆TCD3-4.CSD02536 ∆UBC2gl1D1.7
SD02537 ∆UBC2gl1D1.8SD02538 ∆UBC2gl2B1.2SD02539 V5-PP50, B4-F5
SD02540 V5-PP50, B5-C8SD02541 W-CSD02542 W-M
SD02543 W-NSD02544 WT H4II/H3II-5 SD02545 WT H4II/H3II-6
SD02546 WT H4II/H3II-E SD02547 WT H4II/H3II-F SD02556 ∆3N4B-2
SD02557 ∆3N4B-6SD02558 A5A6-1SD02559 AA-1
SD02560 AAA-1SD02561 AAA-2SD02562 BLT-HA #27
SD02563 BLT-HA #33SD02564 BLT-HA #38SD02565 BLT-HA #39
SD02566 BLT-HA #42SD02567 BLT-HA #43SD02572 CDC2-GFP-CDC3’-neo ...
SD02573 CDC5’ 0-GFP-CDC3 ...SD02574 CDC5’ 1389-GFP-CDC ...SD02575 CDC5’ 1422-GFP-CDC ...
SD02576 CDC5’ 480-GFP-CDC3 ...SD02577 CDC5’ 727-GFP-CDC3 ...SD02578 CDC5’-GFP-CDC3’- ...
SD02579 ch3GSD02580 ch4GSD02581 ch6G-3
SD02582 ch6G-4SD02583 ch7GSD02584 ch8G
SD02585 D5D6-1SD02586 D5D7-1SD02589 ∆DCL1 HAT11 #15
SD02590 ∆DCL1 HAT11 #27SD02591 ∆DCLI(s)HAT11(1-1)SD02592 ∆DCLI(s)HAT11(5-1)
SD02593 DDD-4SD02594 DRH1 s ∆ B-1ESD02595 DRH1 s ∆ B-2F
SD02596 DRH1 s ∆ C8-10BSD02597 DRH1 s ∆ C8-10CSD02598 DRH1g∆∆ C10-11F
SD02599 DRH1g∆∆ D3-11FSD02600 DRH26 HA-5SD02601 DRH26 HA-7-1
SD02602 DRH26-FLAG 1-2-1SD02603 DRH26-FLAG 9-1-1SD02604 DRH26sKO(7)-17-2
SD02605 DRH26sKO(7)-3-1SD02606 DRH26sKO(8)-3-1SD02607 E1-4
SD02608 FHT1-7SD02609 FHT1-8SD02610 Flag-HA-CDH2-2086
SD02611 Flag-HA-CDH2-428SD02612 FLAG-HA-TWI1 (8)-1-1SD02613 FLAG-HA-TWI1 (8)-7-1
SD02614 g∆∆-1SD02620 gl KO HHT1#1SD02621 gl KO HHT1#2
SD02622 gl KO HHT1#3SD02623 gl KO HHT2/HHF2 #10SD02624 gl KO HHT2/HHF2 #11
SD02625 gl KO HHT2/HHF2 #9SD02626 h∆∆HTA∆∆HTB- ...SD02627 h∆∆HTA∆∆HTB- ...
SD02628 h∆∆HTA∆∆HTB- ...SD02629 h∆∆HTA∆∆HTB- ...SD02630 h∆∆HTA∆HTZ-B1B4
SD02631 h∆∆HTA∆HTZ-B1C5SD02632 h∆∆HTA∆HTZ-F1A4SD02633 h∆∆HTA∆HTZ-F1B1
SD02634 ∆H1:bsrSD02636 ∆H1∆HHP1 #16SD02637 ∆H1∆HHP1 #4
SD02638 H3.2G-RSD02639 H3.3RSD02640 H3.4-KO-48*
SD02641 H3.4-KO-48n*SD02642 H3.4G-RSD02643 HA-His-hv2(5)
SD02644 HA-hv2 (11)SD02645 HA-hv2 (2)SD02646 HA-hv2 (4)
SD02647 HA-hv2 (8)SD02648 HA-hv2 (9)SD02652 HA2-CDH2-428
SD02653 he∆ccg+ - 1-1SD02654 he∆ccg+ - 4-1SD02666 ∆HHT3
SD02667 ∆hht3 ∆hht4-1SD02668 ∆hht3 ∆hht4-5SD02669 ∆∆HHT3HHT2
SD02670 His-hv2(8)SD02671 HTA1-G1 14B11SD02672 HTA3-G304A1
SD02673 HTA3-G305A1SD02674 HTA3-G308A3SD02675 HTA3-G311A1
SD02676 ∆HTAY(c2/3) 1-1SD02677 ∆HTAY(c2/3) 1-23SD02678 ∆HTAY(c2/3) hetero ...
SD02679 ∆HTAY(c2/3) hetero ...SD02680 ∆HTAY(full)heterok ...SD02684 HTZ1-A1a
SD02685 HTZ1-A2aSD02686 HTZ1-B3aSD02687 HTZ1-B4a
SD02688 htz1-K130R-A1aSD02689 htz1-K130R-A2aSD02690 htz1-K130R-A3a
SD02692 hy3GSD02693 i-S ∆ CNA1SD02694 LH0
SD02695 LH1SD02696 LH2SD02697 LH4
SD02698 LH5SD02699 LH7SD02700 MTT-3HA-HTAY-MTT (XS ...
SD02701 MTT-HTAY-flag-MTT (X ...SD02702 MTT(AccI)-HTAX-TAP ( ...SD02703 NNN-12-G
SD02704 Nol1KO C11-11-C10SD02706 ∆P1-4SD02707 ∆P1,4,5
SD02708 ∆P1,5SD02709 RM3SD02710 RNH1.3 HA-4
SD02711 RNH1.3 HA-6SD02712 RNH1.3 sKO (7)-13-1SD02713 RNH1.3 sKO (7)-5-1
SD02714 RNH1.3 sKO (8)-1-1SD02715 RNH1.3 sKO (8)-2-1SD02716 RNH2 s KO (8)-1-1
SD02717 RNH2 s KO (8)-5-4SD02718 RPA5-HA-8SD02719 S-MTT-H3.2-G-2n5
SD02720 S-MTT-H3.3-G-32SD02729 ∆TBPSD02730 ∆Twil HAT11-T1
SD02731 ∆Twil HAT11-T16SD02732 V5-PP50, M11-D9SD02733 V5-PP50, M8-A4
SD02734 ∆WAG1 C11-9-A5-A4SD02735 ∆WAG1 HAT11 W11SD02736 ∆WAG1 HAT11 W7
SD02742 ∆ 3-1SD02743 ∆ 3-5SD02744 ∆ 4-1
SD02745 ∆ 4-2SD02746 A441-1SD02747 A442
SD02748 A444-1SD02749 A446-1SD02750 A449-1
SD02751 A449-2SD02752 ATU∆Y-1SD02753 B1KO-4
SD02756 c∆TWI1 5-neo-s-1SD02757 c∆TWI1 WG7-pms-1SD02758 c∆TWI1-rDv PDD1-GFP-2
SD02759 ∆CHD2-G6SD02760 ∆CHD2-G8SD02761 CNB KO F2-1-13 (1)
SD02762 CNB KO F2-1-13 (4)SD02763 CNB KO2-1SD02765 CNBsKO(2) 3-6
SD02766 CNBsKO(2) 5-5SD02767 CNBsKO(7) 7-1SD02768 CNBsKO(7) 8
SD02769 CNBsKO(8) 1-1-1SD02770 CNBsKO(8) 4-6SD02771 D445-1
SD02772 D445-2SD02775 E5 (f3)SD02777 Eri1 homozygous homo ...
SD02778 Eri1 homozygous homo ...SD02779 F2∆CnjBSD02780 F8∆CnjB
SD02781 FLAG-HA-TWI1 (7)-5-1SD02782 FLAG-HA-TWI1 (7)-9-2SD02788 h∆BRE1(neo2)-A1E1
SD02789 ∆H1(5)SD02791 H3.2 g-1SD02793 H3.3 ∆2
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