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Available Strains

These are the currently available strains. Click on the stock id for more information about any strain, or search the database for specific information. To make ordering easier, you might also want to use this link which will open the order form in another window for easier copy-and-paste of stock ids.

If the use of Tetrahymena cultures obtained from the Stock Center results in a scientific publication, please cite using the Research Resource Identifier (RRID) number of the strain(s) in the following manner: Tetrahymena borealis (TSC_SD01680, 19408-4 Tetrahymena Stock Center) or CU428.2 (TSC_SD00178, Tetrahymena Stock Center). This is our most important way of demonstrating the value of the materials at the Center.

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SD01907 B2KO-3SD01908 B2KO-4SD01909 B2KO-5
SD01910 B2KO-6SD01911 B2KO-7SD01912 B2KO-8
SD01913 BTU1-E431-3, 435DSD01914 BTU1-E431,433,435 DSD01915 BTU1-E432,433,435 D
SD01916 BTU1∆A12SD01918 BTU1∆D7SD01919 BTU1∆F5
SD01920 BTU1∆H1SD01921 BTU2∆B1SD01922 BTU2∆E2
SD01923 BTU2∆E5SD01925 c∆SAI 2 9-1SD01926 c∆SAI 2-10
SD01927 c∆SAI 214-4SD01928 c∆SAI1 2-12-1SD01929 c∆SAI1 3-7-1
SD01930 c∆TWI1 WG4SD01931 CenP A-KO-2*SD01932 CenP A-KO-2n*
SD01933 CenP A-KO-3*SD01934 CenP A-KO-3n*SD01935 cnjc KO g+ -1-1
SD01936 cnjc KO g+ -4-1SD01940 CU428-XS49 (15)SD01941 CU428-XS49 (18)
SD01942 DB2ASD01943 DB6BSD01944 DRH1g∆∆ C10-4E
SD01945 DRH1g∆∆ H7-4ESD01946 g:H3.2+GFP/H3.3-42-1-n*SD01947 g:H3.2+GFP/H3.3-42-1*
SD01948 g:H3.2+GFP/H3.3-42-2*SD01949 ∆H3 gl 2.1SD01950 g:H3.3+GFP-59-9-n*
SD01951 g:H3.3+GFP-59-6-n*SD01952 g:H3.3+GFP-59-6*SD01953 g:H3.3+GFP/H3.2-54
SD01954 g:H3.3+ GFP/H3.2-56SD01955 ∆H3 gl 2.2SD01956 ∆H3 gl 10.1
SD01957 ∆H3 gl 10.2SD01958 ∆H3 gl 10.3SD01959 ∆H3 gl 10.4
SD01960 ∆H3 gl 10.5SD01961 SB1806SD01962 SB1805
SD01963 SB1807SD01964 SB1808SD01965 SB1809
SD01966 SB1810SD01967 SB1811SD01968 SB1812
SD01969 SB1813SD01970 SB1814SD01971 SB1815
SD01972 SB1816SD01973 SB1817SD01974 SB1819
SD01975 SB1820SD01976 SB1821SD01977 SB1822
SD01978 SB1823SD01979 SB1824SD01980 SB1825
SD01981 SB1826SD01982 SB1827SD01983 SB1828
SD01984 SB1829SD01985 SB1830SD01986 SB1831
SD01987 SB1832SD01988 SB1833SD01989 SB1834
SD01990 SB1835SD01992 SB1839SD01994 ∆H3 all, gl KO, M7-6
SD01995 ∆H3 all, gl KO, M7-3SD01997 ∆HTAY pXS83-33SD01998 ∆∆DB+BTU1(2)
SD01999 C∆HTB1 homo KO #4SD02000 SNF-P1 heterozygousSD02001 DB2A-6pm
SD02003 ∆ERI3 B2086SD02004 ∆eri2 E5SD02005 ∆H3/H4 7 4.3’ *
SD02006 ∆H3/H4 7 3.2‘ *SD02007 double eri1+ twi1 5 ...SD02009 DB6B-2pm
SD02010 DB2Apm-1SD02011 DB2Apm-2SD02012 DB2Apm-3
SD02013 DB6Bpm-1SD02014 DB6Bpm-2SD02015 DB6Bpm-3
SD02016 ∆∆DB+BTU1(3)SD02017 5D1SD02018 5D2
SD02019 AB2D9-1SD02020 AB2D9-2SD02021 AAB2D9-1
SD02022 AAB2D9-2SD02023 ∆ERI3 CU428SD02024 ∆eri2 E9
SD02025 doubleKO 5’cd eri1 ...SD02026 SNF-d1 heterozygousSD02027 SNF-B6 heterozygous
SD02028 SNFP1 6P2 heterozygousSD02031 C∆HTB1 homo KO #8SD02032 ∆PDD2-som-Bc1
SD02033 PPG1∆4-11/1SD02034 PPG1∆4-3/1SD02035 PPG1∆4-7/1
SD02036 ∆H3/H4 10 1.6 N*SD02037 ∆H3/H4 10 1.6 *SD02038 ∆H3/H4 7 4.3 N*
SD02039 ∆H3/H4 7 1.4 N*SD02040 ∆H3/H4 7 1.4‘ *SD02041 ∆H3/H4 7 3.2 N*
SD02042 K9Q 1.2SD02043 A101GHA #1SD02044 A2 DE-HA
SD02045 B6 DE-HASD02047 BTGHB #2SD02048 BTGHB #4
SD02049 F2-A3 ∆CnjBSD02050 F2-B9 ∆CnjBSD02051 F6 D124K-HA
SD02052 F8 D124KSD02053 FH-RNF1 (CU427)SD02054 FH-RNF1 (CU428)
SD02055 FHWB7SD02056 FHWC1SD02057 GTU5 #7A
SD02058 GTU5HA #1SD02059 h∆∆HTA∆∆HTB- ...SD02060 h∆∆HTA∆∆HTB- ...
SD02061 h∆∆HTB B6B3D3SD02062 h∆∆HTB B6B4A6SD02063 h∆∆HTB B6D2A2
SD02064 HA-Twi 11 (1-B1)SD02065 HA-Twi 11 (3-A8)SD02066 HA-Twi 11 #1
SD02067 HA-Twi 11 #4SD02068 HA-TWI-1-3SD02069 HA-TWI1-1-1
SD02070 HTA3-T12H1SD02071 HTA3-T16E2SD02072 HTA3-T18G2
SD02073 HTA3-T21H1SD02074 HTA3-T22M3SD02075 HTA3-T38C1
SD02076 HTA3-T39C1SD02077 HTA3-T40G1SD02078 ∆HTB1 gl 11.2
SD02079 ∆HTB1 gl 11.8SD02080 ∆HTB1 gl 9.4SD02081 ∆HTB1 gl 9.8
SD02082 ∆HTB1-9-11B3SD02083 htb1-A1G-A7bSD02084 htb1-A1G-A9b
SD02085 htb1-A1G-B3bSD02086 htb1-A1G-B5bSD02087 HTB1-A2a
SD02088 HTB1-A2bSD02089 htb1-K4Q-B3bSD02090 htb1-K4Q-B4b
SD02091 htb1-K4Q-B8bSD02092 htb1-K4R-A4bSD02093 htb1-K4R-B2b
SD02094 htb1-K4R-B7bSD02095 htb1-S29A-A7aSD02096 htb1-S29A-B10a
SD02097 htb1-S29A-B8aSD02098 htb1-T(19,20)A-A3aSD02099 htb1-T(19,20)A-A4a
SD02100 htb1-T(19,20)A-B3aSD02101 htb1-T31A-A1aSD02102 htb1-T31A-B4a
SD02103 htb1-T31A-B5aSD02104 ∆HTB2 gl 1.4SD02105 ∆HTB2 gl 10.2
SD02106 ∆HTB2-1-10D8SD02109 som ∆ wag1 B4SD02110 som ∆ wag1 C4
SD02111 TWI1-soma KO10SD02112 TWI1-soma KO2SD02113 TWI1-soma KO4
SD02114 ∆Twi11 69-E9SD02115 ∆TWI1hk-C4SD02116 ∆TWI1hk-F3
SD02117 V5WB1SD02118 V5WC13SD02122 1235D-1(BTU1)
SD02134 B2086-XS49(15)SD02135 B2086-XS49(39)SD02136 B2086-XS49(47)
SD02139 gDRH1-KO4 A5-5ASD02140 gDRH1-KO4 A5-5BSD02141 gDRH1-KO4 D3-1A
SD02142 gDRH1-KO4 D3-1BSD02143 GTU-TAP (1)SD02144 GTU-TAP (2)
SD02145 GTU-TAP (3)SD02146 GTU-TAP (4)SD02147 GTU-TAP (5)
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