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Stock IDSD01769
Strain NameMTT-HTAY-Flag-MTT (XS76 31-1)
SpeciesT. thermophila
Genetic Description(MTT1/mtt1[5’neo2, ∆, HTAY 123-388, Flagc]; pm-r, ?)
MAC Knockins/outsFlag C-terminal tagged HTAY gene fragment coding for AA123 to 388 into MTT1 locus
MIC Knockins/outs
Gene of InterestHTAY (TTHERM_01079200)
OriginXiaoyuan Song
Comments(XS 76 31-1) Somatic transformant obtained by shooting CU428 X B2086 exconjugant cells. HTA.Y fused with c-terminal Flag tag was used to replace MTT1 coding. Neo2 cassette is the selectable marker. Not completely replaced.

From the Gorovsky lab, University of Rochester.
Research Resource IdentifierTSC_SD01769
Requires MTA?No
Academic cost $35