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Stock IDSD01506
Strain NameSB1520
SpeciesT. thermophila
Genetic Descriptiongal1-1/gal1-1; thy-1/thy-1 (gal1-1; thy-1; gal-r; thymidine auxotroph, VII)
MAC Knockins/outs
MIC Knockins/outs
Gene of Interest
OriginSB210 cells were exposed to nitrosoguanidine and crossed to CU329 cells. Self-fertilization (cytogamy) was induced. Self-fertilized progeny were selected for by exploiting the recessiveness of the 2-deoxygalactose-resistance mutation. The cloned progeny were then replicated to rich medium and defined medium at 38°C, and those that grew poorly or not at all in defined medium but well in complex medium, were then tested in defined medium + thymidine.
CommentsMaps to MIC chromosome 1.

Submitted by Eduardo Orias, University of California, Santa Barbara
Research Resource IdentifierTSC_SD01506
Requires MTA?No
Academic cost $35