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Stock IDSD01448
Strain NameIA157
AKApsmB-1 IV
SpeciesT. thermophila
Genetic DescriptionpsmB-1/psmB-1 (psmB-1; IV)
MAC Knockins/outs
MIC Knockins/outs
Gene of InterestPSMB (pseudomacrostome B)
OriginF2 following outcross to B1975 III of assortant derived from nitroso-guanidine mutagenesis in 1977.
PublicationsBrief mention in Frankel J. 2008. What do genic mutations tell us about the structural patterning of a complex single-celled organism? Eukaryot Cell 7(10):1617-39. (p.1627)
CommentsLocated on chromosome 4L. Temperature sensitive and medium-dependent expression; not fully penetrant. Pseudomacrostome oral replacement in rich media; unequal division with smaller posterior daughters in 1% PPY (39 degrees).

Submitted by Joseph Frankel, University of Iowa
Research Resource IdentifierTSC_SD01448
Requires MTA?No
Academic cost $35